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Timo Brothers, Inc.

We are committed to delivering the best customer service, offering quality products, providing value, while exceeding the client’s expectations every time.
Ethics are the interlocking foundation of how our company was built.

At Timo Brothers We Go the Extra Mile

At Timo Brothers, our mission speaks for itself: “Deliver the highest-quality product, at a great value, exceeding the consumer’s expectations.” To deliver the highest-quality product, we work with top stone suppliers and inspect the quality of materials before delivery and installation. Our team is made up of expert stonemasons who understand the specifics of how to handle brick, concrete, and other stone materials to ensure a safe, durable, and beautiful final result.

To provide great value, we avoid hidden fees and unnecessary markups on our services, giving you a simple and clear quote up front that outlines the exact labor and material costs required for your project. Finally, our team goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations by staying in close contact with you every step of the way, making sure you’re satisfied while keeping the schedule on time and the budget on track.

Our Specialties

If you’re planning a landscaping renovation or a new building project, Timo Brothers is the team you need to create a stunning outdoor space. We work with residential and commercial clients and provide all the needed hardscaping work, from design to cleanup. We specialize in supplying and installing:


Add some warmth to your outdoor space with pavers. We supply and install clay, concrete, or stone pavers.

Concrete Flatwork

Whether you need a driveway, sidewalk, or patio, we're equipped to handle any of your concrete flatwork needs.

Block and Stone Walls

Transform your yard with decorative block and stone walls, ideal for planter beds or our outdoor living spaces.



Want more information about how we can help you? Let’s get connected.